Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Kiss of Shadows

The Barnes & Noble Review
Bestselling author Laurell K. Hamilton steps outside her highly addictive Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter books to introduce readers to a new series of intrigue. A Kiss of Shadows is a sensual novel of dark fantasy that will both entertain and unsettle. In a manner reminiscent of Roger Zelazny's Amber series, Hamilton draws the reader into the adventures of two violent worlds: one a perilous mortal realm, the other a place of disturbing and often deadly magic.

In this alternate reality, the mystical Fey have always existed side by side with mankind, though not always calling attention to themselves. Many nations of the mortal realm closed their borders to the Fey, but the founding fathers of the United States sympathized with the magical beings and so opened America to high levels of immigration. Situated in Illinois, the Fey lands are a main tourist attraction and exist as a kind of "reservation" of sorcery.

Beautiful Princess Meredith of the Fey has been on the run from the Unseelie Court for several years, having taken the human identity of Meredith (Merry) Gentry and working as a private eye who handles cases with a supernatural bent. During a case involving a bizarre cult and Faerie artifacts, Meredith is forced to use her magic. She is immediately noticed by her aunt, the Queen of Air and Darkness, who resolves to have Meredith brought back to the Court.

The Queen sends her bodyguards to do the dirty work, but Meredith agrees to return home without a fight. The Queen seeks to find an heir to the throne because she feels her resentful and sadistic son, Prince Cel, isn't suitable to rule. She devises a strange contest between Meredith and Cel, decreeing that the first to bear a child shall have the crown -- and the loser will be put to death. Thus begins a violent struggle between the rivals that involves unbridled passions, malicious attacks, and bitter betrayals.

Hamilton has researched Celtic folklore in creating the Fey, but she has imbued these folk with a variety of personalities, from benevolent to psychopathic. This is an edgy, high-octane thriller filled with adventure and action; it's a deftly plotted tale that speeds from one imaginative story twist to another. Meredith is a unique and powerful protagonist whose humor and wit never hamper the strength of her resolve, moral fiber, and determination. With A Kiss of Shadows, Laurell K. Hamilton achieves new heights of stylish erotic fantasy with which to captivate and enchant her readers. (Tom Piccirilli)

Lovers that are actually seals, oil that makes you want to sleep with people, a man who has a mass of tenticles in his stomach -- WTF?!?!

This story is unlike any I have read, and Im not sure if thats a good or bad thing. Overall, I lied the idea of of the story. But, what I was NOT exprecting was all the sex- uality. The language wasnt bad- and trust me, I have accidently come across books that were worse than this one- but it seemed that Meradith slept (or tried to) with pretty much every guy she met.
It got really fustrating.

Halfway through I was thinking about whats going to be in the next book. So, she has to have a baby before her cousin does and she has to try not to get killed by her cousin`s followers.
The second should be easy, right? She probably scared the shit out of them. not gunna tell you why.
I guess there is going to be a big plot against her life, and I wonder how shes gunna make her goal in three years.

One thing I think is cool is the setting and stuff. you have the Unseelie Court, with mentions of the Seelie, but its not teh winter court like so many authors portray it. Its shadows and Darkness and I think thats cool as hell. But, as usual, the story is about a court royal. This one is about getting the crown.

One very confusing element in this book is whether or not the fae are known to the real world. It hints at it, but never says it outright. sure she works at a paranormal detective agency, but arent there a lot of those?

I am plannign on reading the next book, but it will be ways off. I have already started Hush, Hush, and so far its interesting. When Im reading it, Fallen and Twilight come to mind. Look out for that review.

4 out of 5 roses is my rating

<3 Ce-Ce Wroth

P.S- Im taking book reccomendations!


Kristina said...

Sounds like an ok book...not sure how I'll like all the sex-uality as you put it!!! Thanks again