Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Looking for sites that give you books to review?

Are you a blogger, or do you have an account on Goodreads or any other sight where you are able to review books? Finding cheap or free books are hard to find, and ebooks makes that fact much more easier.

But what happens when you don’t have ANY device to read ebooks on?
I have been told too many times that I can get a PDF file and read it on my computer. First off, I wear glasses, and it still strains my eyes to lean over my desk and stare stupidly into the computer screen to try to read an e-mail, much less a 200 page story.
I know I’m not the only person who feels that way. I have been doing research for sites that give you paperbacks in exchange for a review. I wanted to share these site with everyone because I know I’m not the only one pulling my hair out because I want to read the books that everyone else is reading, but I cant afford them. The economy is tough, and readers are suffering.
Netgally is where you can get books before their published. Don’t get too excited yet. Its popular, yes, but most of the books are available only in ebook format. There are a few scattered publishers out there that will offer a print if you ask, so cross your fingers and click on the books you like and hope that the publisher is willing to send you one.
Keep in mind, also, that ebooks are cheap and eventually find their way all over the internet for free. Authors and publishers love them, but they are also a hindrance. Honestly, their useful, but they are also one of the worst things to hit the publishing world. Print books are expensive, and with our prices soaring on everything, authors need all the money that they can get from their work. So, chances are limited on you getting a print copy because of that.

Blogging for
I don’t use Blogging for Books that much, but I have requested a few books from that site. I don’t use it much because, even though Im a Christian, I don’t get into the Christian books that much. I prefer my supernatural stuff in literature. Weird, I know, but true.
Anywhoo…. Blogging for Books offers both ebook and paperback, depending on what they have in stock. And they do have a limited stock. You receive one book at a time to review, which is normally an ARC. You read it, review it (on multiple sites. It asks for at least two links to where your review is on other sites, like goodreads, B&N, or your blog), and once you submit your review with the links to your other reviews (its totally complicated-ish) , then you can pick your next book.
Like I said, even though it gives you a list of genres that you like, the books are mostly religious, or circle around religion. But, Blogging for Books is a good site to get books for review.
I’ve only used booksneeze once, mostly because they didn’t have any books that appealed to me before, but it’s mostly the same as Blogging for Books. It gives you a big list of ebooks to choose from, then under it a smaller list of books they have in print. You click on it, go through the process of requesting it, then bang, a week or so later, it’s on your door step.
The books, so far, are religious related. I chose a book on the constitution, but its an opinion book (that what I call them), so I believe they have a wide variety. Yes, the book selection does change, and I have heard plenty of good reviews about the site.

Tyndale Media Center
I’m new at this one, but they also have religious related books. I think I ordered a book from them, but I’m not sure. Silly of me, but they are also a website that gives out books for review. Did I say “give out”? I mean, offer books to get more publicity for authors.
Oh, just check it out.

Dorrance Review Team
This is not a site, but a review team. If they accept you, they give you a coupon once a month, and you can pick out a book from their website to request. I received a book ( but it wasn’t to my liking), and they, too, revolve around the religious category. I believe that you can choose between an ebook or print (if they offer it).
Keep in mind (my favorite phrase), that you probably wont recognize any of the authors. But, that’s ok! More publicity for new authors! Who knows, you might read a book from an author who will one day be considered the “New Stephen King!” . Not likely, but it’s possible.
Besides, wouldn’t you want a lot of people making your work known?

Those are all the sites I use, but I’m still looking for more! I hope this helps everyone who is looking for the same things I am. Please feel free to use these sites, and if you know of any more, feel free (please!) to leave them in the comments below. Everyone could use help to get books to review, and you’ll be loved for it!


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