Friday, August 17, 2012

Promo: Better off Dead (The Vamp Saga #2)

Better off Dead (The Vamp Saga, #2)Welcome to Western Europe in 2020.
The International Vampire Council are in the middle of intense negotiations with the Global 6 when a mysterious plot is revealed to end Manon's life and thinly veiled lies Mikkel has told his wife will be exposed once and for all.
Manon is sent into hiding with Emmerik as her protector while a deal can be negotiated to spare her life.
As the 
clock ticks toward a catastrophic outbreak of new virus which seeks to destroy not only the Lycan popul
 ation but millions of humans along with it, two ancient vampires return prematurely fr
 om their time in the ground, and their mood is less than receptive.
What will happen? Who will live? Who will face betrayal? Who will die? Sometimes, the most devastating secrets are better off dead and buried.
This novel is not YA friendly, contains plenty of snark, supernatural creatures included, but not limited to, vampires and Lycans, not to mention a few choice scenes of sex and death. It is not for the faint of heart.