Sunday, February 24, 2013

Music Review: Temper Temper by Bullet for my Valentine

So, you guys might not know this, but I am very fond of rock music. Im probably more than fond of it. And in my fondness, I was looking for new music videos to watch, and I came across a video for one of my favorite bands, Bullet for my Valentine! Now, although I probably cant claim epic fan-ness or something along those lines for the simple fact that I liked only ONE of their albums and select songs off of the others, I do enjoy listening to the band because their music borders on epicness.... sometimes.
So, there I am searching and about to watch my first Black Veil Brides video (did I mention Im lazy? It takes me months to even check out a band I find remotely cool), and I see that BFMV is coming out with a new album. How cool is that? So, recently released is their new album, Temper Temper, and at the first chance I got, I listened to it.

Lets take not, first of all, that my favorite album is Fever. Now, when I first listened to this album, it had less of the plain out screaming in the other albums and more of the melodic tunes in Fever. Still screaming, still the epic hardcore guitar that made me love the band in the first place. But it was bearable (to me at least) and I once again found their catchy songs that made me want to dance, run, or break things. Yes, I listen to music weirdly... get over it.

I would totally buy this album... if I didnt have the curse of scratching every CD I touch. I had almost forgotten how good BFMV is. And for those of you who arent fond of hardcore OR screaming, there might be a couple of songs that would suit you in there.
Album Cover

Look at that cover! Honestly, I like it. Its simple and... cool looking. And to go with that cool cover are equally cool songs:
1."Breaking Point" 3:42
2."Truth Hurts" 3:36
3."Temper Temper" 3:08
4."P.O.W." 3:53
5."Dirty Little Secret" 4:55
6."Leech" 3:59
7."Dead to the World" 5:15
8."Riot" 2:49
9."Saints & Sinners" 3:29
10."Tears Don't Fall (Part 2)" 5:38
11."Livin' Life (On the Edge of a Knife)"

I personally like "Dead to the World". Dont ask why. And right now, the two hottests songs would be "Temper, Temper" and "Riot", due to thier videos on Youtube. Personally, Im not a fan of them, but Im usually not a music Vid person anyways, so that shouldnt be a suprise.

If you want to get into the action, you can watch both vids here:


Temper, Temper

And, if any of you die-hard fans happen to come by this and know of more vids or something, feel free to leave the in the comments! And to those of you who either havnt heard of BFMV or gave up on them or something along those lines, feel free to check them out! Seriously, do it. Maybe you will find your new favorite band or song?

I personally loved this album, and cant wait until theirs a new installment. Yes, I know, Ill be waiting a while probably, but I only have one thing left to say...

Good job, BFMV! And I hope to see you guys on stage one day :)