Monday, March 4, 2013

Music Madness Monday #2 : Evanescence

 photo Untitled.jpgWelcome to the second post for my Music Madness Monday! In honor of the 10th anniversary of their album, Fallen, I'm going to spotlight about my all time favorite rock band, Evanescence! I grew up listening to these guys, and their AMAZING! Despite breaking up, Amy Lee is still fronting the band and has released a new (self titled) album! Which, btw, rocks.

You may have heard them on the radio, but their not all hardcore. With four albums, they range from growls to pianos and violins, and their most famous slow song has to be My Immortal from the Fallen album. Another well known song from the album is Bring Me To Life, which usually plays on most radio stations.
And lemme just tell you how much Amy Lee`s vocals... ROCK! I dont think I have ever heard such emotion in a rock band like I have with this one (well, except for Evergrey, but thats a different gender), and its one of the main reasons I listen to this band. I mean, I can just picture Amy Lee head banging or something while shes recording, haha.  The other is because the songs are just plain cool. Hell, the whole reason I started to listen to rock is because I like the sound of the guitars, so if it has nice guitars and solos, Im in :)

Anywhoo... I think Ill let the music speak for itself. Check out some music videos!

 Bring me to life

My Immortal

Nobody`s Fool

And there are many more! Just head on over to Youtube to watch them!


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