Monday, March 18, 2013

Music Madness Monday #4: Sammi Elston

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 Music Madness Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Yours Truly. This meme was created to help promote or "brag" about your favorite artists, be they world famous or new and struggling. Feel free to grab my button and make your own post! Then, please link back to me and post the link to my comments, because I always learning more about music!

 Fourth MMM post! Woot! This weeks spotlight is an up-and-comming artists, Sammi Elston. Her music and vocals are to die for, people. Thanks Sammi for taking an interest! Now, here is some information on her and an newly released song. You can find her on Youtube, HERE!

Artist name: Sammi Elston

Location: Newport, Shropshire, UK
Styles: Pop/Blues
Song name: Don't Fall for Me
Release date: 07/01/2013
Label information: Unsigned

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Production details: Produced my Matt O'Grady (producer of You Me @ 6)
Instruments: Don't Fall for Me has a real 60s sound too it and i didn't wanna lose too much of that in the recording so we ended up hitting things with sticks for percussion instead of just using electronic drum kits the whole way through.


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I started singing from a real young age. At the age of 3, I told my mum I knew I wanted to be a singer.  I loved performing and would get up and sing to anyone who would listen. I started playing guitar in junior school, it was all christian music we were taught to learn. I thought the songs were a drag but i loved the idea of putting words to music so i took the guitar home with me, used the chords I'd learnt and started putting my own words to them. Thats really how my songwriting started. Then in secondary school and college, i joined bands. I played in a band called In City Light and we played up and down the UK and i got a taste of how being on stage really felt. Since then i've been developing my songwriting skills and performing with just me and my guitar. I think most of todays music is really missing out on something, now it's all about how hot you look in tiny shorts whilst singing about some hot dude in a club. it doesn't do anything for me. It's not raw enough, it doesn't mean anything and I want my music to really say something!


Lys said...

She really has a very beautiful voice!!!