Monday, April 8, 2013

Music Madness Monday #7: Adelitas Way

Music Madness Monday, or #MMM, is a weekly meme for any band or singer (or musician), who is either upcoming or already popular. This meme was created for you to "brag" about your favorite musicians and bands. It can be short, long, full of music videos, whatever. 

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 I choose to promote up and coming bands and singers, so if you fall into that category, then feel free to post a comment or email me at gothiclove95(@) hotmail (.)com with any information you would like in the post. I expect promotion of the post on your end, also. PS: I usually pick bands that follow me on Twitter, or chat with me in any way. week, I chose to promote Adelitas Way, a band that doesn't seem to be all that desperate for a promotion, but is still rockin all the same. Thanks for the follow on Twitter, guys. I just listened to one of their songs, and it sounded way cool. While they have a sort of rock sound, their also light and easy on the head and ears. I noticed in one of the comments that they sounded similar to Life House. For some reason, I thought Greenday. While Im not in any position to compare them to any band, I will say one thing. This band is a band you would probably hear playing over and over again on pretty much any station that pertains to rock or soft rock. Hell, I think you would prefer them to any of the songs they replay 100 times a day that are only about sex, drugs, and money.

And before I start rambling, I think Ill give you guys links to their various social media sites. Check them out if you would like to learn more about them! I think they would appreciate it very much :)