Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mini Guest Review: The Curse Giver by Dora Machado

Hey guys! Welcome to my post for the Curse Giver tour! This review is going to be a  little different, and heres why. I left for a week and my mom ran out of reading materials, so she picked up my copy of The Curse Giver and started reading it -- and OMG she loved it. Then she begged me to let her do the review for her, so I said yes because well, shes my mom, and also because I was behind on getting reviews done because of some unexpected issues that came up.

The title of this post says mini reviews because my mom loved this book so much, she couldnt think of anything to say about this book than the little bit Im going to post below this. Yea, her first review is epically... small. But hey, shes raving about it, and even though I myself havnt gotten around to reading this, I want to so badly because shes very picky about this book.

My mom tells everyone about how much she loved this book and suggests that they read it. She finished it in less than 24 hours, ignored everyone to read it, and was very sad that she ran out of pages to read.

Heres her review:

"(The book was) Beutifully and artfully written. The main thing that I reviewed about this book is that the reader easily becomes part of the story. Every twist and turn makes it impossible to put down. The story line is easily followed and characters flow magically together throughout the book."

Although its very, very short, I think you get it. And for the author, if your reading this review, know that my mom truly loved your book (and sorry I was such a sucker to let her review it). She wasnt sure what to write because its just bubbly insider her and she was happy to read it and wanted her opinion on it out there.

And when I say that she reccomended it a lot, I mean it. Anytime a book comes up in subject, shes always rushing forward to tell people how much she loved this book and that they should read it.

Keep a look out for my review in the (hopefully) near future! And sorry I was too busy to read it myself. 

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