Thursday, August 22, 2013

Top Five and Giveaway from author of Dreamscape, Christie Rich

Thanks so much for having me here today, Brooklyn! I’m excited to discuss the top ten things I love in a YA book hero.
The beauty of books is that we all get to decide who our hero really is. An author will give us a framework, but in the end, we decide just what we pay attention to when we read. The greatest part of writing is seeing these qualities and so many more overlap and interweave into characters as they grow. Over time the character I first thought was an absolute jerk can totally win my heart.

10—He has to be hot! No really. He’s fictional, after all, so why not? The funny thing is that hot is a culmination of so many qualities. Looks are only a small part of what makes a guy sizzle.
9—He has to have smoldering eyes. It doesn’t matter what color they are. They have to express emotion and be able to make a girl swoon with one look.
8—He has to be a rebel. The truth is in fiction, being a bad boy helps. Maybe not so much in real life.
7—He has to have conviction. People who don’t care about anything don’t do anything for me, lol.
6—He has to be fearless. Cowardice might be normal, but I don’t want to read a book where the hero wimps out because they might get hurt. See number six.
5—He has to be charismatic. This is something that is subjective, but there are people out there that just live life so big it’s impossible to overlook them.
4—He has to be a mystery. This goes along with being a rebel, but it’s something more. I like a guy that keeps me guessing.
3—He has to be vulnerable in some way; otherwise, he’d just be a jerk.
2—He has to have depth. He needs to know what he wants and not look back.
1—He has to be faithful. What’s the point in falling in love with a cheater?
So there you have the qualities I most enjoy in a book hero. How about you? What do you like to see in your leading men?


Dreamscape (Netherworld, #1)

Dreamscape (Netherworld #1)

Every night before Amelia falls asleep she makes a wish to dream of him – the man who calls her to their beautiful private oasis, her sanctuary where she is free of her greedy landlord’s threats. But tonight, he will not call Amelia to him. Tonight, another man will step into her world to claim her. Tonight, Amelia’s shattering reality will crumble - and disappear into the Dreamscape…along with her freedom.

When Amelia dreams tonight, her nightmare becomes her new world where Seth is her captor and anything is possible…except escape. Seth needs Amelia to break the curse that binds him to the Dreamscape. He must convince her that she was made to free him, that she was made to join him.

For if he fails, he will never escape his prison, and he will lose Earth to the Netherworld where the evil Erobos wait to consume the human realm and everything in it. If he fails, Seth will lose the one thing that matters to him: Amelia

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Candace said...

This is such a great list! I agree, he needs to be vulnerable. I like some mystery as well and he definitely needs to have depth!

Thanks so much for hosting a tour stop!

Christie Rich said...

Thanks so much for hosting me today and being a part of my tour! I really appreciate it.

Penumbra said...

This book has an absolutely gorgeous cover!