Friday, September 27, 2013

2nd Blog Anniversary/ 18th Birthday Celebration Day 6: Guest Post and Excerpt by Lisa Eugene

Lisa Eugene

Working full time, three kids and a husband (really four kids) makes finding time to write very difficult! Literally, there are many times I’ve taken my laptop into my closet and snuggled into a comfy corner.  The problem is that I get so immersed in my characters and my scenes that I forget where I am until a loud voice or a scream (usually a scream) intrudes and I realize that I’m sitting on the floor, in the dark, in the cold, with a pair of slacks wrapped around my neck and my toes tucked into a sweater vest keeping me warm!  Sometimes, I’ll start talking to one of my characters or whoop really loud because one of them has done something hilarious. That’s usually a dead giveaway that mommy’s in the closet again.  There are times when my kids will come in to ask me questions then leave and pull the door close. My husband once came in while I was writing a steamy sex scene and ended up staying awhile. I needed to rehang a few items after he left, but damn, that sex scene turned out great!
Overall, my family has been very understanding about the time I need, and about how I get so engrossed in my characters. My husband can sometimes get a little surly, especially if I accidently call him by my current hero’s name (I’ve learned that’s a total no-no!) The only way to placate him is to remind him that all my heroes are absolutely gorgeous and hung like a stallion. I beg him for forgiveness because…hmmm…the similarities are just so close.  That usually puts a smile on his face and I’m free to return to the sanctuary of my closet!  
The problem is that I never know where creativity will strike or where the end to a crazy scene will finally become clear. It could be while I’m at the playground with my son, or at work, or in the bath. My husband says I go into a trance, my eyes roll excitedly, and I start speaking in tongues.  Hmmm…doesn’t every writer do that?  It’s called having a creative moment! At any given time I may have a bag full of coffee cups with scribbles, napkins with paragraphs written in eyeliner, or yes, even leaves with strange markings that are only recognizable to me. These things I will protect with my life until I’m able to get to my laptop. And God save the person who accidentally tosses them out!!! Spontaneous creativity may only strike once so I try my damdest to jump in its path!

Warning! For Mature Readers ONLY!

A sexy peek at clean freak, Maggie and dirty-boy, Gabe
Steal My Heart by Lisa Eugene

"Hmmm…no shower?” he seemed appalled, but his lips twitched with amusement.
“Gabe, please, no teasing…” her hips started to rock against the finger that dipped inside her and she groaned at the feel of his stiff cock against her hip.
“But Maggie, we’re so sweaty and…dirty.”
She wanted to kill him…maybe after. “Gabe!”
“Is it okay if we’re dirty, Maggie?”
A wicked smile played on his lips and Maggie had the feeling he wasn’t speaking literally. Oh shit! Her nipples pebbled hard and her hips bucked.
Her brain was malfunctioning. “What?”
“You want it dirty?” He swirled his finger inside her, a languid probing.
All she could manage was a weak nod.
“Say it.”
“Oh God...Gabe.” she could barely get her tongue to work with what he was doing to her.
“I want to hear you say it.”
“You don’t get it, if you don’t say it.” He brushed his wet tongue up her neck, inciting a riot inside her.
“I…I want it di…dirty.” She flushed beet red, thinking she would orgasm from the intensity on his face.
A devilish twinkle sparked in his dusky eyes as he ground his thick shaft against her hips then crawled over her.
“It will be my pleasure.”