Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Netgalley November!


 So, yea its still October, but its not too early to plan this! My TBR pile on Netgalley is HUGE and I just cant seem to be able to get around to the pile! There are a lot of factors pertaining my TBR pile, and aside from two books I need to review in November for a tour, I am planning on spending next month dwindling my pile!

You can find the linky at Bookish Treasures  and also the targets. My target next month is:

Medium: 5-10

Im not sure if Ill make it (Crosses fingers), but I sure will try! Lots and lots of reviews (hopefully) next month, too! 


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Caroline @ Big Book Little Book said...

I too have opted for the medium challenge.
I am aiming for eight netgalley books in November. I am really hoping that the change in my approval/feedback percentage will improve my approval rating. I've had a lot more rejections since Netgalley started posting the %.
So far I've managed two so I'm on track.
How are you getting on?
Good luck,