Friday, December 6, 2013

Review: Sugar and Salt by Pavarti K. Tyler

Sugar & Salt: A Sugar House Novella

Sugar & Salt: A Sugar House Novella (Sugar House Novella Series)

This first of the erotic romance series of Sugar House Novellas is coming December 2, 2013.

After over a decade working in the sex industry, Janice Cane retains no illusions about the nature of relationships. Everyone lies and everyone wants something. Still, a part of her longs for a connection.

Speed dating becomes her addiction, a place to find a man for the night when she needs a quick fix, and her last hope that true love may still be waiting around the next corner. When a mysterious man entices both her intellect and her lust, she becomes entangled in an affair more complicated than she’d expected.

Enter the world of the Sugar House. Here you’ll meet the illustrious Madam Janice Cane and her brood of men and women who will fulfill your every fantasy. But can they find a way to fulfill their own?

Watch for more of the Sugar House Novellas coming in 2014

 A short little read, Sugar and Salt offered a lot. I was surprised considering how well developed it was. I'm not used to it. I considered this book short, and usually short books like this are underdeveloped and skip a bunch of fundamental parts. While this mainly focused on the romance part and didn't have so much of an action plot as a build up to one (Im certain there will be some in the next one) I did enjoy how the characters were finely developed, both first and secondary, and man did I love the conflict in the romance.

I wasnt too happy with how it ended and I felt that there could have been more to the back stories of the two main characters, but what was provided was just enough to add that touch of mystery and pizzaz. Yes, I just used that word.

And dont get me started on the romance. It was steamy, just fast enough -- I hate romances where they just hop into bed and five minutes later declare they are in love. I think I will absolutely read more in this series and from this author. If you are looking for a short, steamy read, then I totally recommend this book for you.
I rated this book 4 stars.

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Unknown said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to review Sugar & Salt! There will be more to Janice and Devon's story in future installments, but yes, it's more a Happily For Now in S&S than a Happily Ever After. The question of if they can make it work will circle back :)