Friday, January 3, 2014

99 Facebook Followers!

 Wow! So, I was going through my blog and checking to see what needed to be removed and stuff. Basically, trying to make it look pretty for all of my pretty followers. I noticed as I was scrolling...

I have 99 Facebook followers!

Thats amazing considering my followers numbers hasnt gone up in a WHILE. I have decided that I will have a GIVEAWAY if I reach 100! So, just one more follower! Pass the word on. Or, if you follow me by email but havnt liked me on FB, just click like. Instant giveaway! 

Not sure what I will be giving away, but it might just be swag due to no money because of the holidays. But I have plenty of signed swag, so thats nothing to complain about. 

Hope to see you peeps again IF or WHEN I read 100!

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