Friday, October 28, 2011

Evanescence - Music Review

After gothic-rock band Evanescence was broken apart by Ben Moody and a few fellow band members leaving to form We are the fallen,with Carly Smithson from American Idol, most people were not expecting Evanescence to continue. But AmyLee continued to sing, and after Haiti was devastated, contributed a song that was supposed to go on the last album, The open door, called Together again, which was made into a single album.

And now, not long after that, they are coming out with a brand new album! It is self titled, Evanescence. Currently, three preview tracks are out, and I have links to all of them.
The official music video for the first released song, What you want.

Personally, I loved the song, and I thought the lyrics were brilliant. They immediatly caught my attention, and I enjoyed listening to Amy`s lovely voice in a whole new song. The beat was good and really agreed with the vocals.

Made of Stone was a very good one, too. The lyrics popped out at me, along with Amy`s vocals. I personally loved the guitar, but thats me. This link will take you to one of the pages on the  Evanescence official website. You do not have to click anything, the music will start all on its own. Just scroll down to continue reading the lyrics.

The Other Side is another brilliant song. I honestly had to follow the lyrics to know what she was saying, but as I figured out the words, I could understand it a little. I think most people will like this one.

Enjoy the songs. :)