Saturday, February 25, 2012

Givaway: Follow by Email - Savior by Jess Anastasi

So, Im kinda concerned with the number of people following me by e-mail, so I decided to bump it up by giving away an EBook copy of one of the books I have recently recieved. So, to stop my babbling, here is the prize:

Givaway ends when I reach 50 E-mail followers.
Savior (Sanctuary series spin-off)Cadmiel, the Angel of Destiny, knows better than anyone does what a bitch fate can be. Five hundred years ago, the only woman he ever loved was killed, shredding his soul and leaving a void in place of his heart. Now Archangel Michael comes to him with a shocking and forbidden proposal. He wants Cadmiel to travel back in time and save Emilyn. Though Cadmiel wishes beyond all reasoning to do as the archangel asks, messing with time goes against his own beliefs and the very foundations of angel lore. But Michael doesn't give Cadmiel a choice and thrusts him through time and space, back to 2012.
The first time Emilyn saw the gorgeous man, she was affected on a level she couldn't comprehend. Cadmiel isn't like any other guy she's ever met, and he makes her wish love at first sight were true. But there are forces at work she never dreamed real. In the space of a day, she goes from normal, every-day college student, to a pawn in an apocalyptic war between angels and demons.
Emilyn's very life is in Cadmiel's hands. Will he risk the future of the entire universe to save her, or let her die and destroy himself in the process?

So, whatcha think about the cover? I saw it and knew I just had to have this book. Too bad its ECopy. The givaway is simple -- just follow me via E-mail. All you have to do is scroll up the page and put your e-mail in the feed burner box. I will check the feed burner site everyday, and I do have a way of knowing if you put your e-mail in or not.
To enter, simply leave a comment with the e-mail you follow with below. I look forward to seeing all the entries! And dont be too shy to come back! You never know when Im going to give a givaway!