Monday, August 5, 2013

Its Monday! Music Madness Monday #10: He Is We

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 Hi! Welcome to the 10th #MMM post! Im really enjoying this meme but Im kinda slacking. Anywhoo, This week I am helping you discover an awesome band that I had recently discovered, He is We. Its female Fronted, and I absolutely love the vocals. It isnt hard, for those of you who keep up with this weekly thing and are scared about that. I may love my rock bands, but I also love acoustic, too.

A little about He is We:

He is We is an indie pop band from Tacoma, Washington. The band originally was made up of Trevor Kelly and Rachel Taylor as the lead vocalist. Wikipedia

I have listened to a few of their songs and their all great, but one song really reaches out to me and Im not sure why. Its called Kiss It All Better, and I have recently posted the lyrics up on the blog. Look below for a lyric video if your interested in it.

Again, this is an amazing band and they deserve to be listened to! I guarentee your going to love them!

Thanks for stopping by! What bands/singers have you been listening to this week?

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