Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Short Review and givaway: The Summer Set

The Summer SetIn the summer of 1956 two teenagers rescue a drowning woman from the Susquehanna’s turbulent waters, and their predictable lives suddenly veer towards a deadly detour. Shadowy men in black cars start tracking their every movement. A tall foreboding man clutching a snake-headed staff and chain-smoking through a hole in his throat seeks their names. Fourteen year-old catcher Peter 'Chumbucket' Miller and his best friend pitcher Mike DeSorcier begin the summer on a mission to capture the World Series championship of their youth baseball league. Spying on a league meeting from a sweltering attic perch they uncover a group of extra-dimensional beings infiltrating the league. During their breathless escape, the boys discover two things: they are in mountains of trouble and they need help. Assistance (and more trouble) arrives in the form of two daring and mystifying girls – the unusual Karen Croft and the beautiful Jo Munro. Together, the teens must solve the mystery of the Noqumiut before a fateful August lunar eclipse.
- From Goodreads

First of, I would like to thank Jay Province for the copy of the book he sent me to review. Sorry it took so long for me to get this posted, Jay, but I have been ill lately, and ended up in the hospital.

I really liked this book, even though I had already decided it was way out of my comfort zone. The beginning was confusing, but as I read on, the words just flowed. It was nice to see back that far, and some of the things mentioned in this book from that time period really shocked - and amazed- me. I really would have loved to live back then.

The characters are really developed, but I would have loved to read more about them. Its mostly about Chumbucket, and I would have loved to get into someone elses mind. It was a little too fast paced for me, and even though the detail were expert, it could have used a little more developing.
But, I did like it, and I didnt expect the -quite a few- times that I busted out laughing because of the closeness and the friend ship between the four frinds. No, I was not laughing AT them, I was laughing because of some of the things they did. Santa in the summer - epic!

The bad guys are interesting. Never had I come across anyone like them. They are unique and tottally appropriate for this book. I loved how you added different cultures, and romance. I never have come across a book by a male author that has romance like this.

So, to end this short review, I loved this book, and I give it:

A four out of five.

And, to make this post better, I am going to giveaway my copy of this book for someone else to love and enjoy! No rafflecopter this time, just leave a comment with your email and leave your thoughts for Mr. Jay and I will randomly pick one commenter in a week! Luck!


Miss Haley said...

this isn't something I'd normally read... but it seems like every time I step out of my comfort zone, I find that I like what I didn't expect. Do enter me please! haleymathiot at yahoo.com

Unknown said...

Thats ok Haleyknitz, this wasnt something I would normally read, but I ended up liking it.