Friday, May 11, 2012

Guest Post: Author of She Speaks to Angels, Ami Blackwelder - Writing What?

Lets welcome Ami Blackwelder, author of the greatly anticipating novel, She Speaks to Angels, to Celestial Reviews!
Ami Blackwelder

      I have a few choice spots. I love of course the comfort of my desk at home in front of the lake with a cup of tea in hand.   This allows my privacy which is essential when getting into a character’s head.
      Some authors have said they go into the closet for an hour just to recoup from the ‘world’ and to inspire that muse.
      Many know that J.K. Rowling wrote her coveted Harry Potter at a local cafe, with ‘baby’ near-by. She also wrote some of the story on a train ride.
      What are some other choice spots? I like the pool, the beach, and also university campuses.
Why? Because the atmosphere is full of life and warmth. Life from passer-bys, sounds, smells. Warmth from the sun, with an occasional breeze.
      How do writers come up with their characters?
      I’d say that many characters live in the writers heads as conglomerations of people met, experiences, and social commentary. These ‘voices’ are then used to project their opinions or desires.
      Most of these opinions and desires live in the subconscious, but as a character, the write can experience for a brief moment what it is like to be someone else in a different world.
      Perhaps everyone loves to do that, which is why there are so many readers?
      What about the story?
      Fantasy, Paranormal, SciFi allows use to reach a world we otherwise would never have seen. Of course, as imagined the place, the emotions are what keep us coming back.
      When we connect to the characters and places in a way that stays with us long after reading, we long to return to it time and time again.
      Historical novels take us to the past, a place many long to be and pay good money to go to everyday. But it isn’t just the Medieval days or the Elizabethan period that draws us, it is those characters.
      Because no matter where or when we are....people somehow never really change. We will always have the villain, the hero, the damsel, the nerd, the mother, the brother, and as readers we want to see how these character fair in other worlds as well as our own.
Where do writers write?


Amy Blackwelder said...

Thanks so much for having me on! It was fun and I wrote this guest post at a university campus:0-