Monday, November 26, 2012

Blood and Moonlight

Guest Blog ~ The Uniqueness of Being Fae and Wolf

The idea to blend fae and wolves in my story, just kind of fell in my lap.
It sounds too simple, I know, but really I can think of no other way to describe it. When I was developing the idea for Blood and Moonlight, I wanted something that was tied to the fae because the Celtic mythology fascinates me. More specifically when it came to writing and researching this story, I found myself intrigued by Morrigan. I ordered a book called the Wars of the Irish Kings which covered battles both real and mythological throughout Ireland's history. When it arrived, I couldn't wait to dive into it.
One particular battle, The Second Battle of Mag Tured, really appealed to me. Mostly, the simplicity of the account of Morrigan really had my mind reeling. I began to dig into the Morrigan myth and my idea began to take shape.
Throughout Celtic mythology, she is known as a triple goddess of death. She was one of the Tuatha De Danaan and is often depicted as a shape shifting goddess of war, fate, and death. Though the shape that is associated most with Morrigan is the raven or crow, there were also stories that indicated she also took the shape of a wolf. This is what spawned the idea to bring the fae and wolves together in my book.
I took a lot of creative license with the existing myth and created one of my own. It starts with the battle, the same players, Lugh and Morrigan, and a curse Morrigan places on Lugh as the result of him not upholding a deal they made prior to the battle. The way I envision it, when a goddess gives her aid, she expects to be repaid.
It wasn't something I'd heard of before. The idea of blending the two and being able to base it in some known mythology thrilled me,  and shortly after, Kiara Aislinn Morrigan O'Conaill, my half fae half wolf heroine was born.
Blood and Moonlight
Moonlight Trilogy, Book One
Moira Keith

Genre: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 9781476298825

Number of pages: 270
Word Count: 92812

Cover Artist: Elaina Lee at For the Muse Designs

Book Description:

Though she shares the bloodlines of both Fae and Wolf, Kiara Morrigan O’Conaill refuses to claim her place in the Fae courts or submit to the animal within. Witnessing the murder of her Fae mother two years ago drives her back into those worlds, to search for answers and revenge.

Devlin McClure lives for one thing—the Pack. When their leader, the Cadeyrn, disappears, desperation sends Devlin to the last person he should be asking for help—the Cadeyrn’s estranged daughter, Kiara.

Kiara and Devlin are drawn to each other by fate and destined to embrace the very thing that threatens to rip their worlds apart. Now, Kiara will have to decide which is stronger, blood or moonlight?