Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Music Madness Monday: An Honest Year

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So, I got onto twitter, and surprise, surprise, I found that the guitarist from a  LOCAL band is following me! Thats right, Im from Florida too! The guitarist is from Lake Mary (which I honestly never heard of), and his name is Stephen Morrell. You can follow his twitter here. Congrats Stephen! You just go your band spotlighted :)
 This week`s band is:

An Honest Year! 

Im all for supporting local bands, and your genre made this all the better! They are pop/rock and have a new, self titled EP out. Guys, if your reading this, you sound F*****g amazing. No joke. You could use more back vocals or (maybe?) a little screaming in the back ground, but the song itself is amazing. Your vocals are clean, the guitars don't give me a headache (and neither do the drums) and the music just doesnt... whats the word Im looking for??... clash with each other. Get what I mean? Like when you go to youtube and your looking up these heavy metal bands and you get the drums so loud and off rhythm with the guitars?

But, back to the band, I would totally LOVE to get a hold of your music to listen to! Keep up the music and you guys might make it big :) I see a new favorite band!

If you want to follow them, Iv made a few awesome social media buttons for them. Just click!

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