Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Character Profile: Lucan from the I Am Just Junco series by J.A. Huss

Character profile for Lucan (Introduction by Sera)

Junco asked me to introduce Lucan's interview, but since she didn't see fit to give me my OWN interview, I'll participate in this one, thank you.  Besides, I'm the most interesting character anyway. Just wait until you see what I do in the next book...

Ready kids? Here we go!

Physical Description:

LUCAN: This is difficult…I cannot say any more. I have several forms, none of which look anything like the other.

SERA: I’m a stunning 5’9 redhead, natural, of course. My skin is smooth and fair, and my fashion sense is unmatched on habitat or planet.

JUNCO: Oh for fuck’s sake Sera, this is not your profile. Butt the hell out!

SERA: I’m ignoring Junco. Everyone, please join me.

Actor who could play you in a movie:

LUCAN: Leonardo DeCaprio

SERA: Evan Rachel Wood – she’s perfect and did you see her as Sophie-Ann in True Blood!!! And that little brat she played in Mildred Pierce! I loved her, so nasty, and self-absorbed! She’s perfect!

JUNCO: Hmmm…surprisingly, both of you hit that nail on the head.


LUCAN: President of the Avian.

SERA: Unemployed at the moment, but I have big plans for Earth.

LUCAN: I fired her ass thousands of years ago.

SERA: You wish, I quit because I could not stand you for one more second.

JUNCO: Am I gonna have to pull this car over?

Favorite AI:

LUCAN: Obviously NOT the one who abandoned me two thousand years ago. So, Amelia, of course.

SERA: I thought you said you fired me?

JUNCO: She’s got you there, Lucan.

Favorite Junco moment:

LUCAN: The first time she told me off…which was about five minutes after we met. :)

SERA: Oh, this is a spoiler! I cannot tell!

JUNCO: Good girl, Sera. You know how I hate spoilers.

LUCAN: Kiss ass.

Favorite food:

LUCAN: Cheeseburgers. Junco got me hooked on these, especially In-and-Out Burger. The wait in the drive-through is exceptionally long most of the time. But yet, it’s worth it when you take that first bite of burger. Mmmmm.

SERA: I do not eat.

JUNCO: Hey, if you don’t eat and you’re not hooked up to a reactor, then where do you get power?

SERA: I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you.


LUCAN: Every day is a birthday for me. I’ve been morphed hundreds of times, each time I came out I was reborn.

SERA: What he said.

Perfect Saturday Night:

LUCAN: Watching tennis or golf.

JUNCO: :::snort::: This is true, too! He’s so boring.

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