Sunday, July 21, 2013

Top 5 Sundays #1: I have a Pet, and his name is Peeve! Bookish Pet Peeves

 So, I have been planning on doing a post like this for a while, and Larissa for Larissa and Friend`s bookish life gave me the chance! Today I am participating in the Top five Sunday! And its my first :)

 My top five pet peeves OF ALL TIME are these:

1. Saying I love you.... wayyyyyy too soon!

Seriously, people! Its unrealistic and I hate hate hate(!!!!) it when the characters in a book I'm reading do that. Its, "Oh hey, go out with me?" "Yes! OMG I know we just literally met and I'm not sure if your an ax murderer or not, but I am totally IN LOVE WITH YOU!"

 It makes me want to puke -- and put down the book.

2. Bad grammar 

Uhm, yea. I have come across quite a few of books that have very bad grammar, and spelling for that matter! Honestly, its why I don't read as many Indie Authors. I get making a few mistakes and nobody notices them when editing (Iv done it a few times), but when the book is riddled with it, its a no brainer to put down the book. And NEVER touch it again.

3. Rushed Endings

I think a lot of people hate this -- when the author rushes the ending. A perfect ending is as rare as a unicorn -- not many authors can succeed, and it takes a lot of practice.

Still, knowing that, I really, really, still dislike it when Im rushed through an ending -- especially when the book was actually decent. The beginning and ending is everything, especially in a series. And sadly, I have read WAY TOO MANY of these types of books.

4. No recaps/ back stories

This pertains to series AND stand alone books.

Have you ever read a book and the author oblivously expects you to know everything? Like, if its a syfy -- the author thinks you know everything about the world she/he made up. Or the backstory to a character. Stuff like that.

Its irritating and I loose interest FAST! I don't like books like that, and I sure as hell wouldn't recommend it to ANYONE to suffer through.
Its bassically a lose-lose. I get annoyed as hell, and the author doesnt sell!

5. Stupid, stupid, people

Yep, I think that sums it up. I hate, hate, hate it when the main character is absolutely STUPID! Whether it comes to boys, wondering if someone likes him/ her, whatever the reason, it turns me OFF. This could also go towards characters that are greedy and nasty and such, and NEVER CHANGE.

Well, there you have it! My top five peeves. And if your an author, I hope that you take these peeves as a warning -- I know Im not the only person out there that have them.

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