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Guest Post and Giveaway: Author of Written in the Stars, Patricia Rosemoor - BREATHING LIFE INTO A SETTING

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          Shoving away dark thoughts, she lost herself in the joy of the find, going down to the sea floor every so often to brush away sand from some object. Uncovering a canon with eroded lettering on it's base, she could barely make out  the name. Celestine. She had found it! Her pulse sped up, and she frantically searched for another canon. She became so focused that, as she backed up, she was startled again when Innis grabbed her, signaled her to stop, and pointed to something directly behind her.
          A ten-foot-long shark. The thick body with tiger-like markings and a blunt snout told her it was a tiger shark. She felt paralyzed, unable to move.
          In WRITTEN IN THE STARS, marine archeologist Cordelia Ward is fulfilling her late father’s goal, to find the motherlode of the Celestine in international waters off the Florida Keys. The contemporary half of this reincarnation story is worlds apart from the historical half set in Elizabethan England written by co-author Sherrill Bodine. We both have wonderful settings that we wanted to bring to life.
          To me, settings should be something of an additional character in my stories. How fun that I had underwater scenes, in which I try to make the reader feel like she is there along with my characters. When I choose a great setting, I use it for all it’s worth. I love figuring out how to use the details to make the setting part of the story.
          It was a lot of research – what the remains of the ship would look like, how the hunt would be organized, the equipment used both on board the salvager and what the divers had on them in the water, the artifacts the divers would find – but well worth my time. All those little details made the story come alive for me, made me be able to “see” it as I wrote. Plus – big bonus! – all the danger in my story takes place underwater. Very fun to write.
          Short of breath, she realized she wasn’t getting enough air. Her gauge showed she had nearly half a tank of air left. What the hell?
          Trying not to panic—her lungs were already starting to protest—she knew getting to the surface conscious would be a feat. Breathing slowly and shallowly, she reoriented herself, and found the exit, then inched upward. Without air, the climb was awkward, and she was feeling unfocused. Her movements became sluggish and off-point. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, another diver grabbed onto her and pulled on her mouthpiece.
          As a reader, how important is setting to you – and are there specific types of settings you really enjoy?

Written In The Stars  
“A passionate tale of destiny, danger and dark magic—and a love so powerful that it conquers time.” Mary Jo Putney, New York Times Bestselling Author.
‘A love so deep that it can last through centuries?
In 1601, Lady Elizabeth York’s star-shaped birthmark proclaims her a child of magic. When she arrives at Dunham Castle to marry Carlyle, heir to the Duke of Lennox, but finds enchantment in the eyes and touch of Will Grey, the Duke’s bastard son. Bewitched by Elizabeth, Will defies all for their love, and his jilted half-brother places a curse on them both.
Searching for a treasure ship sunk long ago, present-day marine archeologist Cordelia Ward is pursued romantically by both salvager Innis Foley and treasure hunter Morgan Murphy. She is haunted by a murderous nightmare where one man is the killer and the other the victim, but which man is her enemy, which her soul’s mate? Can a journal that belonged to her ancestress, Lady Elizabeth York show her the answers…in time to save her true love?
Chased by evil, two women discover their own magic to fight the villain’s curse on the Posey rings that draw them to the men they are destined to love.
U.S Only

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