Sunday, January 12, 2014

Challenge Review: The Vampire Hunter (In The Company of Vampires #2) by Michele Hauf

The Vampire Hunter (In the Company of Vampires #2)The Vampire Hunter by Michele Hauf
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I rate this book more of a 3.5, but goodreads and other sites dont do the whole .5 thing.
I have read one other Michele Hauf book, and I loved it. I belive it was slightly shorter, but it packed a punch. So, when I picked this one up I expected the same thing.

While I cant exactly say I was wrong, I can say I was expecting more emotion and just that... thing in a story that makes me not want to put it down and makes me jump up and down and scream. I cried one -- for like two seconds.

The characters were pretty quirky. I felt that I need to go back and read more of her books because there were a few things that confused me and I felt that I was missing something (Im bad about picking up the second book in a series without having read the first).

Kaz... Hes sexy as hell and fights for what he believes in. But for a vampire hunter who supposedly kicks ass, he sure as hell gets HIS ass kicked a lot. I appreciate that hes just human and isnt one of those macho dude (and yes, there are a few scenes where he does kick butt), so it was kind of appealing. He does make the relationship budding between him and Zoe difficult, but I'm not going into details about that.

Speaking of Zoe, in the description, it says shes quirky. Yea, she is! I couldn't get a pin on her! I did like her, but she might have been a but naive to a flaw. She also has a quirk that will make you laugh and appreciate her all the more!

So, I didn't hate the book, but it wasn't my favorite, and I'm currently not dissuaded from and Michele Hauf books. I will give her another try, but maybe in a different series? I did notice that she had a lot of books...

The Vampire Hunter (In the Company of Vampires #2)

The Vampire Hunter (In the Company of Vampires #2)

A vampire hunter finds himself powerless to resist a bewitching stranger's dangerous magic in Michele Hauf's latest romance

In all his years of battling the undead, Kaz has never seen bloodlust like this. And as a Knight of the Stake, it's up to him to find out who's responsible for the mayhem sweeping the streets of Paris and put a stop to it. Kaz's task becomes infinitely more complicated when a very attractive witch wants to help.

With her quirky charm and irresistibly kissable lips, Zoƫ just feels right to Kaz, the way no mortal woman ever has before. But as a sworn enemy of the supernatural, can he really trust a witch? Especially one with dangerous secrets of her own?

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