Sunday, September 21, 2014

ARC Review: Chained by Night by Larissa Ione (MoonBound Clan Vampires #2)

Chained by Night (MoonBound Clan Vampire, #2)


Chained by Night (MoonBound Clan Vampire #2)

Leader of the vampire clan MoonBound, Hunter will do what he must to save his people from extinction—or worse, a torturous eternity as vampire slaves and subjects of human experimentation.To keep his enemies at bay, he has agreed to mate a rival clan leader’s daughter in return for peace between the clans and an ally in the looming war with the humans.

But survival comes at a price. First, Hunter must break an ancient curse by successfully negotiating three deadly tests. Then he must resist the searing passions of the gorgeous vampire warrior he despises but is bound to mate. Will Hunter stay true to his word? Or will he risk everything for the woman he really loves: the vampire seductress’s identical twin sister?

First thing I have to say about this -- I have got to stop reading ARCs. I want more! I dont think I will be able to survive the wait, because Chained by Night left me craving more from the MoonBound Clan. A fast paced, very sexy story about star crossed lovers and an epic battle to save a kid that hasn't even been born yet, Chained By Night satisfies in way you cant even imagine.

We first met both Hunter and Aylin in the first book,  Bound by Night. Honestly, Ive been anticipating his book since he first appeared on the pages. I got through this book in one sitting, thats how good it sucked me in. 

Honestly, it is very hard for me to put into words how awesome this work is. Larissa Ione does not disappoint. I cant wait for more books in this series and I cant wait for more installments in her other series. Chained by Night just reminded me why I love her writing so much. Its witty, sensitive, absolutely hot, and the story line is just plain awesome. 

If you haven't had the chance to read this series, you need to get out of the rock you have been living under and pick up the first book. You'll be pulled in, and luckily enough, Chained by Night hits stores on the 30th. 

My rating? A whopping 5 stars. I received a print ARC in exchange for an honest review. It in no way effected by opinion about this book or my opinions about the author`s writing.

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