Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Poll: How do you choose your books?

Everyone has their way of picking and choosing the books they read. Sometimes they are chosen randomly ( I did that just a few weeks ago. I ended up loving the book) or they choose it by a favorite author. More often, though, I see people choosing books because of the Genre.

Heard of the Hunger Games? I bet you have. That book wasn't famous until they made a movie about it. Now, everyone is asking for those books. So, knowing that, does publicity affect the purchases of books? Schools are great because every year they set aside a group of books that are top notch and sometimes students are required to read them.

I might be rambling now, but I think you get the idea of this point. I like choosing my books by Genre, title, and cover. Yea, I'm picky, but I also love reading good books. I'm so busy that I don't like wasting my time trying to read books that wont even interest me.

Are you different? Why don't you vote on the poll ( left) and tell me how YOU  choose your books. Then, leave a comment below telling me of a book you took a risk on. Did you like it? Hate it?  How did you choose it? Was it something you never thought you would read?
I cant wait to read comments (if you'll leave me any). But for now, here are the options that are on the poll:

  • Pick a random title off the shelf
  • Stalk reviews
  • The rating
  • The Genre
  • Cover
  • Other