Saturday, September 1, 2012

Review: Twined by A.L Collins

TwinedAvalin Marsh is used to disappointment. When her mother murdered a woman in the kitchen of her home on her eleventh birthday, Avalin decided that the people in your life were only there to let you down. She built up walls over the years making a mental fortress impervious to disappointment, heartache and sadness. However it also isolated her from others, making her bitter... and lonely.

When her mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia after the murder, Avalin began to see and experience things that she couldn't explain. She thought she could handle these episodes by pushing them back into her mind. Until the day she sees one of her classmates morph into a monster right in front of her eyes. Pushed to the brink of paranoia, Avalin truly believes she's insane. Then a mysterious man named Albert comes into her life. She's wary of his motives yet for some reason finds herself drawn to him even though they've never met. What's even more inexplicable is that Albert knows who Avalin is. She's the daughter of the famous Abigail Marsh. Her mother.

Now the two of them will need to put their differences aside and trust one another. If Avalin can't let her guard down long enough to let Albert in, then there might be dire and far reaching consequences in store for them.

It turns out Avalin Marsh isn't as crazy as she thought.


Twined was a pretty good read. The world portrayed in this book is absolutely refreshing and new to the scene. Vampires are not new and neither are werewolves or zombies. Twined is a new world, and with A.L Collin`s fabulous writing, it is vivid in the mind`s eye and should land in the hands of every teen and adult out there.

Twined is in the point of view of a teen girl named Avalin, and props to the author, being a guy, to manage to write so well in the oposite gender`s POV. Avalin is a normal teen -- or so she thought. She is quickly thrust into the world of the Twined, and a very dangerous, pulse-pounding world it is.

Each character is one of a kind Not many authors is one of a kind. Not many authors manage to make their secondary characters come to life as those in this book. Its easy to follow, and, aside from some grammatical errors, is vivid with just the perfect pace. It wasnt too fast, and definatly wasnt too slow. The "Language" of the book isnt.... "stuck up." Teens can relate, and even if they dont read that much, Im pretty sure they will love Twined.

I, personally, am glad to afficially have this book on my shelf. I dont usually read books over and over again, preffering to wait a while to re- read a book so it isnt as fresh in my mind, but I would totally read this again in the near future. Reading Twined opened my eyes to a whole new world, and I felt I could semi-relate to Avalin. the characters didnt seem to mature for their ages, and I loved the fact that there is a hint of romance and I wasnt dumped on my ass into the Twined world. I was introduced gradually and everything was explained to me in a way I understood and it was apart of the story. The "mystery" wasnt revealed too quickly, and the ending left me wanting more. Im an avid reader, but I truly could not keep my nose out of this book. So, if your looking for a fast paced, pulse pounding thriller that will leave you at the edge of your seat, pick up Twined where its sold and join in on my excitement at this new world! And I so cannot wait until book two comes out later this year!